Cleared Wright

Cleared Wright

Cleared Wright are a business that specialises in House Clearances, Rubbish disposal and asset disposal.

Based in Hastings, they operate throughout Sussex and Kent, although their Rubbish Collection service is only available within 10 miles of both Hastings and Eastbourne.

They are a fully licensed and insured company. They hold an upper tier waste carriers license, which enables them to carry all your rubbish away, legally.

Cleared Wright

House Clearance – They clear properties and leave them ready for their next occupant or use. This includes after death (probate), end of tenancy, or if you’ve just bought somewhere and the previous tenants have left stuff behind. Unlike many other companies of a similar nature, they remove everything including the carpets, curtains and rubbish.

Rubbish disposal – This service can be booked with one phone call, and offers rates based on the amount of waste to be collected. An ideal service if you have bags of rubbish that need to go. They have special rates for the collection of appliances, which in some cases works out to be cheaper than using the local council collections service.

Asset Disposal – Many companies build up a stock of assets and then have no idea how to dispose of the. This is where Cleared Wright can help. They have the knowledge to help dispose of most asset.

Office Clearance – When offices close down or move, they normally need to be left empty for the landlord. Cleared Wright can help by clearing everything in an office, and ensure that it is safely and environmentally disposed of.

They can be reached at their website,, on the phone by calling 01323 332140 or send an email to

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