Computer Recycling

Over time, offices and businesses tend to build up the amount of IT equipment that they have. This might be items that are used on a daily basis, but invariably alot of it is left in a corner, gathering dust. When it comes to disposal, it is the businesses responsibility to ensure that it is disposed off in an environmentally safe way.

That is where Weee Compliance comes in. Based in Hastings, East Sussex, they offer a full IT recycling service for all those old office items, that are no longer used. They work throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey and come to your location to collect the items.

They take almost everything that uses a plug or batteries, excluding fridges, freezers and the like. This include PCs, Laptops, tablets, phones and all the associated leads, chargers and power packs.

Items that still contain sensitive data can be physically destroyed and then recycled. This includes hard drives, tables, memory sticks and storage media.

Their free collection service is available if you 10 or more PCs or Laptops that need recycling (at time of writing), although it is always best to contact them first and confirm this. The booking process is quick and simple, and your items can sometimes be picked up within 24 hours.